Saturday, March 31, 2012

Turtle Pattern

2.75mm Crochet Hook 
Worsted Weight Yarn in Turquoise, Green, Orange and Tan
Crochet Thread in Black 
8mm Safety Eyes
Stitch Markers

Sc-Single Crochet
Hdc-Half Double Crochet
Fo-Fasten Off

Finished Size
8 inches

Head and Body
Rd1: Starting at the top of your dolls head with turquoise yarn sc x 5 in a ring (5)
Rd2: Inc x 5 (10)
Rd3: Inc x 10 (20)
Rd4: Inc x 20 (40)
Rd5-12: Sc x 40 (40)
Rd13: You will be marking in this round where you will be placing the eyes. Sc x 17, place a stitch marker in the last stitch, sc x 6, place a stitch marker in the last stitch, sc x 17 (40)
Rd14-20: Sc x 40 (40)
Rd21: Sc x 4, dec x 17, sc x 2 (23)
Rd22: Insert your eyes where you placed the stitch markers between Rd13 and Rd14. And from this point on stuff your doll firmly as you work. Sc x 3, dec x 8, sc x 4 (15)
Rd23: Sc x 3, dec x 5, sc x 2 (10)
Rd24-25: Sc x 10 (10)
Rd26: [Sc x inc] x 5 (15)
Rd27: [Sc, inc] x 7, sc (22)
Rd28: [Sc x 3, inc] x 5, sc x 2 (27)
Rd29: [Sc x 5, inc] x 4, sc x 3 (31)
Rd30-31: Sc x 31 (31)
Rd32: [Sc x 5, dec] x 4, sc x 3 (27)
Rd33-40: Sc x 27 (27)
Rd41: Dec x 13, sc (14)
Rd42: Dec x 7 (7)
Rd43: Dec x 3, fo and weave in end (3)

Leg (Make 2)
Rd1: Starting at the bottom of your leg with turquoise yarn sc x 5 in a ring (5)
Rd2: Inc x 5 (10)
Rd3-4: Sc x 10, fo at the end of Rd4 (10)

Arm (Make 2)
Rd1: Starting at the top of your arm with turquoise yarn sc  x 6 in a ring (6)
Rd2-7: Sc x 6, fo at the end of Rd7 (6)

Rd1: Starting in the middle of the shell with orange yarn sc x 6 in a ring (6)
Rd2: Inc x 6 (12)
Rd3: Inc x 12 (24)
Rd4: Sc x 24 (24)
Rd5: [Sc x 4, inc] x 4, sc x 4 (28)
Rd6: Sc x 28 (28)
Rd7: Reverse sc x 28, fo (28)

Rd1: Starting at the top of hat with green yarn sc x 6 in a ring (6)
Rd2: [2hdc in next stitch] x 6  (12)  
Rd3: [2hdc in next stitch] x 12 (24)
Rd4: Change to tan yarn hdc x 24 (24)
Rd5: [Hdc x 2, 2hdc in next stitch] x 8 (32)
Rd6: Change to green hdc x 32 (32)
Rd7: Hdc x 32 (32)
Rd8: Change to tan [hdc x 3, 2hdc in next stitch] x 8 (40)
Rd9: [Hdc x 4, 2hdc in next stitch] x 8 (48)
Rd10: Hdc x 48, fo (48)

First Ear Flap
Row1: Insert hook where you would like the first ear flap to start, pull up loop of green yarn and sc x 7 (7)
Row2: Turn, ch, sc x 7 (7)
Row3: Turn, ch, dec, sc x 3, dec (5)
Row 4: Turn, ch, dec, sc, dec, fo (3)

Second Ear Flap
Work this ear flap the same as the first ear flap. But do not fasten off at the end of Row 4, instead single crochet around the entire piece, fo and weave in end.

Stuff the arms and legs and sew them onto your doll. Sew on eyebrows and a mouth. Add tassels onto your ear flaps, and make a pom pom for the top of your hat. Sew the shell onto your dolls back. Weave in all ends and trim them

Please do not distribute my patterns without my permission. Feel free to email me if you have any questions about my patterns at


  1. I love this pattern, and I start crocheting right now! I think you forgot the pattern for the feet. Could you add that?

    Thanks for this adorable pattern!

  2. Hello! Are the legs worked with the body?

  3. Thank you Inge and CraftyChi! Yes I was copying and pasting the pattern...not sure what happened?? But the feet are now included in the pattern :)

  4. What an adorable little turtle :)

  5. how to invisible decrease?

    1. Hello Anonymous!
      To invisible decrease insert your hook into the front post of your next stitch, and do it again in the front post of the stitch after that as well, (so you are going through the front loops of the next two stitches) now yarn over, pull through all loops on your hook. I hope this helps :)

  6. I'm having trouble with the head. It just isn't working out. I'm wondering is there anything wrong with the pattern?

    1. Hello,

      I am just wondering what problem you are having...I have not run into a problem with my pattern testers. If you give me a little bit more info I would be happy to try and help you :)

  7. i love the pattern but dont understand what scx600 means? im use to patterns being in rows. could someone please explain?

    1. Hello,

      So sorry I usually don't crochet in rows. So that line means single crochet 600 times :)

  8. hi i dont understand the pattern either? its not in rows. very confusing. please help? thanks

  9. pattern is confusing. not in rows. please explain ? thanks

    1. Hello!

      So sorry none of my patterns really use rows....I count the stitches instead :)

  10. Hi, thank you for the great pattern, i absolute love it! I have almost finished crocheting but the arms look too short, maybe it's just a mustacke of mine don't you think 66 stitches are few?

    Gaia, italy

    1. Hello Gaia,

      I am not sure why your arms are shorter...are you using a smaller hook or a different weight of yarn?

  11. Hey,thank you for the great pattern.i finished my turtle yesterday and it looks boyfriend was so happy about it.

  12. Hi, the amigurimi is really cute. I am not really experienced in crochet (the only things I've done are octopuses) so, when you start without magic rings as in the feet, I wonder if you need to do first 6 chains and then the single crochet over them.

    Thank you

    1. If you don't start with a magic ring, you could ch2...then do 6sc in the second ch from your hook :)

  13. This pattern is adorable, I've added it to the new site A new site to find 100s of free crochet patterns from all over the web. Updated every Wednesday and Saturday nights! Megan

    1. Thank you for adding it to your site :)

  14. Very cute turtle. Am a grammie wanting to make it for grand daughter but how do you keep tract of counting 600 STITCHES? Also don't understand "do not join" after the 6 sc crochet in magic ring? Do you turn work around as in knitting? Thanks.

  15. It would be 12.5 rounds, I believe. I'm keeping track of my rounds by putting a pipe cleaner in the first stitch so I can zone out while I sc, lol.

  16. 48 stitches in each round. This is for keeping up with the 600 stitches.

  17. This is the cutest little guy ever. Thank you so much for pattern. I might make him a TMNT for my boys!

  18. could you add a full image of the finished turtle please? I want to know a)whether this is the pattern I'm looking for b) if it is, does it look right?!!!

    please add that.

    1. Hello Siena,

      I have added a full body shot of the turtle. I am sorry this is the only photo I have, I don't have one that shows the shell.

      I hope it helps :)

    2. Wish there was photo from back side!

  19. what is "reverse sc" as seen in pattern for shell:

    Rd7: Reverse sc x 28, fo (28)

    1. Hello,

      To reverse single crochet you crochet the opposite way. Here is a little tutorial on how to reverse single crochet.

  20. Do you have a pattern for his shell-vest? xo love your patterns!


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