Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Happy Bellzinga!!

I hope everyone is having a Merry Christmas, and that you get to spend time with your family and friends!
I got a wonderful surprise in my email this morning. Recently I gave a Sheldon Doll that was in my stash to a lovely woman for her Husband, who is a HUGE Big Bang Theory Fan  for Christmas! Her Husband is currently serving overseas....and he is such a huge fan of Sheldon and the show that she wanted to send him his own little mini Sheldon! I am so happy that he got it just in time for Christmas!
Here is a photo of his little Sheldon all ready for his long journey overseas! Thank you so much for the photo Tiffany, I love it!


  1. Jackie, you are amazing!!! I always knew you had a gift & I am so glad everyone else recognizes it too! I love you!!

    Denise <3

    1. awww Denise you are making me want to cry...you are too sweet! I was happy to send Tiffany this doll for her Husband, and I am so happy that he got it in time :)

  2. This is adorable! I love Mini Ami-Sheldon! Do you make commissions of the Sheldon crochet plushy, because I'd love to have one because I heart Sheldon on TBBT. (If not, I completely understand and will beg my crochet-newbie to crocheting friend Rachel to try making me one of Sheldon.) Love your blog.

    Sincerely, Cass.

    1. Hello Cass!

      I do make Sheldon Dolls to sell. But I am all sold out at the moment. And I am not taking any new orders right now. But I hope to make more later in the year to sell. I also want to have a giveaway for one once I am done my order list. You can view the list on my facebook page so you can see when I am getting close to making more :)



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