Sunday, January 26, 2014

Pig Coat Pattern

I somehow stumbled across Esther The Wonder Pig's Fan Page not long ago, and I loved her story! And I enjoy looking at her photos every day, well in one of the photos I saw Esther out it the snow and I instantly thought that she needed a coat. This is my first Pig Coat I have ever is pretty Esther wearing her coat. I'm so happy that it fit her, I had a lot of fun making it!
And I wrote up the pattern for everyone to enjoy!

Pig Coat Pattern

5.5mm Crochet Hook 
Worsted Weight Yarn

Sc-Single Crochet
Hdc-Half Double Crochet
Hdcdec-Half Double Crochet Decrease
Fo-Fasten Off

**Please note this pattern is for a full size pig, not a micropig**
Row1:With green ch145 (145)
Row2:Turn, ch, hdc x 144 (144)
Row3-5:Turn,ch2, hdc x 144 (144)
Row6:Turn, ch2, hdcdec, hdc x 140, hdcdec (142)
Row7:Turn, change to pink and ch2, hdcdec x 2, hdc x 135, hdcdec x 2 (138)
Row8-11:Turn, ch2, hdc x 138 (138)
Row12:Turn, ch2,hdcdec x 2, hdc x 130, hdcdec x 2 (134)
Row13:Turn, change to turquoise and ch2, hdd x 134 (134)
Row 14-15:Turn, ch2, hdc x 134) (134)
Row16:Turn, ch2, hdcdec x 2, hdc x 126, hdcdec x 2 (130)
Row17-18:Turn, ch2, hdc x 130 (130)
Row19:Turn, change to green and ch2, hdcdec x 2, hdc x 122, hdcdec x 2 (126)
Row20-21:Turn, ch2, hdc x 126 (126)
Row22:Turn, ch2, hdcdec x 2, hdc x 118, hdcdec x 2 (122)
Row23-24:Turn, ch2, hdc x 122 (122)
Row25:Turn, change to pink and ch2, hdcdec x 2, hdc  114, hdcdec x 2 (118)
Row26-28:Turn, ch2, hdc x 118 (118)
Row29:Turn, ch2, hdcdec x 2, hdc x 110, hdcdec x 2 (114)
Row30-32:Turn, ch2, hdc x 114 (114)
Row33:Turn, change to turqouise and ch2, hdc x 114 (114)
Row34-38:Turn, ch2, hdc x 114 (114)
Row39:Turn, change to green and ch2, hdc x 114 (114)
Row40-46:Turn, ch2, hdc x 114 (114)
Row47:Turn, change to turqouise and ch2, hdc x 114 (114)
Row48-55:Turn, ch2, hdc x 114 (114)
Row56:Turn, change to pink and ch2, hdc x 114 (114)
Row57-64:Turn, ch2, hdc x 114 (114)
Row65:Turn, change to green and ch2, hdc x 114 (114)
Row66-73:Turn, ch2, hdc x 114 (114)
Row74:Turn, change to turqouise and ch2, hdc x 114 (114)
Row75-82:Turn, ch2, hdc x 114 (114)
Row83:Turn, change to pink and ch2, hdc x 114 (114)
Row84:Turn, ch2, hdcdec x 3, hdc x 102, hdcdec x 3 (108)
Row85-91:Turn, ch2, hdc x 108 (108)
Row92:Turn, switch to green and ch2, hdcdec x 3, hdc x 96, hdcdec x 3 (102)
Row93:Turn, ch2, hdc x 102 (102)
Row94:Turn, ch2, hdcdec x 2, hdc x 94, hdcdec x 2 (98)
Row95:Turn, ch2, hdc x 98 (98)
Row96:Turn, ch2, hdcdec x 2, hdc x 90, hdcdec x 2 (94)
Row97:Turnm ch2, hdc x 94 (94)
Row98:Turn, Ch2, hdcdec x 3, hdc x 82, hdcdec x 3 (88)
Row99:Turn, ch2, hdcdec x 3, hdc x 76, hdcdec x 3 (82)
Row100:Turn, ch2, hdc x 82 (82)
Row101:Turn, ch2, hdcdec x 3, hdc x 70, hdcdec x 3 (76)
Row102:Now you will be starting the neck piece. Turn, ch2, hdc x 76, ch71 (147)
Row103:Turn, sc x 70, hdc x 76 (146)
Row104-113:Turn, ch2, hdc x 146 (146), fo at the end of Rd113

Waist strap
Row1:Insert hook into where you would like your waist band to start. Make sure you are working on the same side as your neck strap. Pull up loop and hdc, hdc x 35 (36)
Row2-55:Turn, ch2, hdc x 36 (36), fo at the end of Row55

Decorative Patch
Rd1:6sc in magic ring (Or ch2, 6sc in second ch from hook) (6)
Rd2:2hdc in next st x 2 (12)
Rd3:(Hdc, 2hdc in next st) x 12 (36)
Rd4:Hdc x 36 (36)
Rd5:(Hdc x 2, 2hdc in next st) x 12 (48)
Rd6:(Hdc, 2hdc in next st) x 24 (72)
Rd7:Hdc x 72 (72)
Rd8:(Hdc x 3, 2hdc in next st) x 18 (90)
Rd9:Hdc x 90 (90)
Rd10:(Hdc x 4, 2hdc in next st) x 18 (108)
Rd11:Hdc x 108 (108)
Rd12:(Hdc x 5, 2hdc in next st) x 18 (126)
Rd13:Hdc x 126 (126)
Rd14:(Hdc x 6, 2hdc in next st) x 18 (144)
Rd15:Hdc x 144 (144)
Rd16:(Hdc x 7, 2hdc in next st) x 18 (162), fo 
With the right side of your work facing you insert hook into any stitch, pull up loop and ch4 sc in same st. Then follow this sequence around the entire piece skip st, slst ch4 and then sc all in the same st. Fo.

Decorate the patch and sew it onto your coat. Weave in all ends. And then add buttons to your neck and waist band.

Feel free to sell finished items that you make using my patterns. But please do not distribute my patterns without my permission. If you have any questions please feel free to email me at


  1. i can NOT WAIT to make this for my should be interesting adjusting the pattern lol but i will send you a picture

    1. How do you Adjust a pattern? (just learning how to Crochet) I have a mini Pig and I would love to make this for her. Her neck is 15 inches, he belly is 19 inches and she is 13 inches in length

  2. I saw a picture of Esther wearing this on Facebook and I wondered who had made it...then I happened upon your page yesterday (looking at the Big Bang characters) and recognised's excellent!! I love Esther!! - Liz :)

  3. I am going to try this. I think it might also fit a large breed dog like golden retriever or a lab.

  4. I love this! I have a large "mini" pig and would love to make this for her. I was wondering what the dimensions of this sweater are, thanks so much!

    1. Hello Jen,

      I am sorry I didn't measure it before I set the coat off to Esther. But it is for a large pig, she is not a min pig.


  5. This coat is so beautiful that I regret I have no pig.

  6. I want to make this coat for Wally. He currently weighs about 350 pounds. Suggestions for modifying the patter?

    1. MiMi, I am working on a modified pattern. I'll let you know how it goes. My pig is a Micro-Mini, not so mini, pig. I wish I could send an image but it won't let me.

  7. What brand and color names did you use for the project? I am attempting it. I have to tweak it though cause my pig is a micro-mini, not so mini.

    1. I would add an image of him but it doesn't seem to let me. :) I will keep everyone abreast of my progress. LOL!

  8. Any idea about how much yarn it might take if you went with only one or two colors?


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