Monday, March 24, 2014

Manta Ray Pattern

3mm Crochet Hook
Dark Grey and White Worsted Weight Yarn
8mm Safety Eyes

Sc-Single Crochet
Fo-Fasten Off

Finished Size
19 Inches

Row1:You will be starting at the  mouth of your Manta Ray. Ch14 (14)
Row2:Turn, sc x 13 (13)
Row3-8:Turn, ch, sc x 13 (13)
Row9:Turn, ch, inc x 2, sc x 9, inc x 2 (17)
Row10:Tun, ch, inc x 2, sc x 13, inc x 2 (21)
Row11:Turn, ch, sc x 21 (21)
Row12:Turn, ch, inc x 3, sc x 15, inc x 3 (27)
Row13-14:Turn, ch, sc x 27 (27)
Row15:Turn, ch, inc x 2, sc x 23, inc x 2 (31)
Row16:Turn, ch, sc x 31 (31)
Row17:Turn, ch, inc x 3, sc x 25, inc x 3 (37)
Row18:Turn, ch, sc x 37 (37)
Row19:Turn, ch, inc x 3, sc x 31, inc x 3 (43)
Row20-22:Turn, ch, sc x 43 (43)
Row23:Turn, ch, inc x 3, sc x 37, inc x 3 (49 )
Row24-25:Turn, ch, sc x 49 (49)
Row26:Turn, ch, inc x 7, sc x 35, inc x 7 (63)
Row27-31:Turn, ch, sc x 63 (63)
Row32:Turn, ch, inc x 4, sc x 55, inc x 4 (71)
Row33-42:Turn, ch, sc x 71 (71), fo at the end of Row42

Row1:Skip 29 stitches on Row42, insert hook into next st pull up loop of yarn and sc, sc x 12 (13)
Row2-5:Turn, ch, sc x 13 (13)
Row6:Turn, ch, dec, sc x 9, dec (11)
Row7:Turn, ch, dec, sc x 7, dec (9)
Row8:Turn, ch, dec, sc x 5, dec (7)
Row9:Turn, ch, dec, sc x 3, dec (5)
Row10:Turn, ch, sc x 5 (5)
Row11:Turn, ch, dec, sc, dec (3)
Row12-13:Turn, ch, sc x 3 (3)
Row14:Turn, ch, dec, sc (2)
Row15-55:Turn, ch, sc x 2 (2), place a stitch marker in the last st of Row55
Rd56:Do not turn, sc x 124 to the first corner of your Manta Ray's mouth. 
Now you will be making the first Cephalic Horn. Ch7, turn, sc x 6.
Now you will continue crocheting across the front of his mouth sc x 11, now make the second Cephalic Horn ch7, turn, sc x 6, now continue single crochet around the remainder of your Manta Ray to the stitch before your stitch marker sc x 124 (285), fo

With white yarn repeat the Pattern.

Insert your safety eyes. Sew the underbelly and the top portion of the body together. Stuff your Manta Ray firmly as you work. Weave in all ends and trim them. 

Feel free to sell finished items you make using my patterns. But please do not distribute my patterns without my permission. And if you have any questions please feel free to email me at 


  1. That's a great ray! Good work! :D

  2. really nice of you that people can sell those as long as they do not distribute your patterns!

  3. hello Jackie, how much wool do i need for each color/side?

    1. Hello,

      When I made my Manta I used Red Heart Super Saver Yarn. And I didn't use the whole skein, there was quite a bit left.


  4. I don't made a Grey/White one, but a Grey underbelly and a purple Body, it Looks so cool. I'm so happy I found this pattern, it's very cool, thanks!

  5. I've finished my Manta Ray, When you want I can send you a Picture:) Thanks for this pattern, I'm so happy I found it :)

    1. Hello Mexiine, I'm glad you like the pattern! And I would love to see a photo of your Manta. Could you email it to :)

  6. Wow that project took longer than i thought, and its huge xD but well worth it.. looks amazing! :D Thanks so much for the free pattern!


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