Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Crochet Hooks!

Okay, I must admit I can't resist trying out a shiny new hook. And over the past couple of years I have been asked quite often where I find them, so here is a little peek at some of the different hooks I have tried and where you can find some of them! When I first started crocheting my first hook I ever bought was a Boye Aluminum Hook from Wal-Mart .
Red Heart Hooks from Wal-mart.
Addi Swing Hooks from Herrschners.
I picked up this dainty set of wooden Hooks from my local yarn/book Store Faking Sanity. 
A friend found these bamboo Hooks for me at their local Dollar Store. So you might want to search your Dollar Stores and see what kind of Hooks they sell in your area!
Double ended Hamanaka Crochet Hooks from Etsy. 
Bamboo Hooks from Etsy.  
 Rosewood Hook from Lantern Moon
The Crochet Dude Hook from Michaels.
 Sheldon Hook from The Lemonade Shop.
 Rosewood Hook from Furls.
Polka dot Hook from The Spotted Hook. Sadly I recently lost this hook, so I will need to replace it. 
Titanium Hook from Kingfisher Titanium.
 Wooden Hook from Deroisers Ink.
Disney Hooks from Daysies Creations.
Knit Pro Waves Hook
Well there you have it, a peek at most of the hooks I have tried so far! What's your favorite hook?

I have had some people email me and leave comments wanting to know which hook is my favorite. First I want to explain why I didn't include this. I didn't include this because I don't have just one favorite brand of hook. For me I tend to bounce from hook to hook. But there are some hooks in my stash that I don't use anymore, and those are my Boye Aluminum Hooks, my Bamboo Hooks, and my Wooden Hooks. Now these are not bad hooks, I just don't use them. And right now my go to hooks in my stash are my Rose Tulip Hooks, my Minnie Mouse Hook from Daysies Creations for making hats, and my Pony Hooks. And of course whenever I get a new hook or hook set I will use it for quite a while, it's like getting a new toy. The test is if I keep going back and using that same hook or not :)


  1. Which one is your favourite and why? I love the Addi-Swing hooks as they reduce hand/wrist strain and are fun to use. I started with basic aluminum hooks which were fine then picked up cheap plastic ones for air travel. The plastic ones are only adequate; not great. Once I switched to Addi-Swing I stopped using my old hooks. In my opinion, Addi Swings are worth the extra cost.

    1. Hello,

      I just added a little update at the end of my blog post explaining why I don't have just one favorite hook. And Addi hooks are great! I actually prefer the other Addi colored hooks compared to the swing hooks. Addi makes a good quality hook, they are worth the extra cost :)


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