Thursday, January 15, 2015

Snake Pattern

1.5mm Safety Eyes
2.75mm Crochet Hook
Red Heart Super Saver Yarn in Green
Polyester Stuffing

Sc-Single Crochet
Fo- Fasten Off

Finished Size
12 inches

Head and Body
Rd1: Staring in the middle of your snakes face with green yarn sc x 6 in an adjustable ring (6)
Rd2: Inc x 6 (12)
Rd3: Sc x 12 (12)
Rd4: Inc x 12 (24)
Rd5-6: Sc x 24 (24)
Rd7: You will be marking in this round where you will be placing the eyes. Sc x 8, place a stitch marker in the last stitch you just did, sc x 5, place a stitch marker in the last stitch you just did, sc x 11 (24)
Rd8-9: Sc x 24 (24)
Rd10: Insert your safety eyes between Rd7 and Rd8 where you placed the stitch markers, sc x 24 (24)
Rd11: Sc x 24 (24)
Rd12: Sc x 3, dec x 8, sc x 5 (16)
Rd13-14: Sc x 16 (16)
Rd15: Sc x 7, dec, sc x 7 (15)
Rd16-18: Sc x 15 (15)
Rd19: Stuff your snake firmly from this point on, sc x 7, dec, sc x 6 (14)
Rd20-22: Sc x 14 (14)
Rd23: Sc x 8, dec, sc x 4 (13)
Rd24-28: Sc x 13 (13)
Rd29: Sc x 9, dec, sc x 2 (12)
Rd30-32: Sc x 12 (12)
Rd33: Sc x 9, dec, sc (11)
Rd34-42: Sc x 11 (11)
Rd43: Sc x 2, dec, sc x 7 (10)
Rd44-54: Sc x 10 (10)
Rd55: Sc x 4, dec, sc x 4 (9)
Rd56-64: Sc x 9 (9)
Rd65: Sc x 7, dec (8)
Rd66-72: Sc x 8 (8)
Rd73: Dec, sc x 6 (7)
Rd74-77: Sc x 7 (7)
Rd78: Dec x 3, sc, fo and weave in end  (4)
Feel free to sell finished items that you make using my patterns. But please do not distribute my patterns without my permission. If you have any questions please feel free to email me at


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