Saturday, April 25, 2015

Dishcloth Pattern

This is a easy quick pattern, I whipped up a few while watching a movie. Also great for beginners once they master the popcorn stitch. The one end of the dishcloth has little bumps, perfect for scrubbing your dishes.

sc-single crochet
pc-popcorn stitch 
fo-fasten off

4.5mm crochet hook
One skein of Bernat Handicrafter Cotton Yarm (50g)

Row1: Ch x 27 (27)
Row2: Turn, sc x 26 (26)
Row3: Turn, ch, sc x 26 (26)
Row4: Turn, ch, [sc x 2, pc] x 8, sc x 2 (26)
Row5: Turn, ch, sc x 26 (26)
Row6: Turn, ch, sc x 4, pc, [sc x 2, pc] x 6. sc x 3 (26)
Row7: Turn, ch, sc x 26 (26)
Row8: Turn, ch, [sc x 2, pc] x 8, sc x 2 (26)
Row9-25: Turn, ch, sc x 26 (26)
Rd26: Do not turn, sc around the entire piece x 100, fo (100)

Feel free to sell finished items that you make using my patterns. But please do not distribute my patterns without my permission. If you have any questions please feel free to email me at


  1. Thank you for this pattern
    I'm making these for prizes at a bridal shower I'm hosting :) ♡

    1. Great idea! And I hope you enjoy the pattern :)

  2. Thank you so much for this great pattern. I love these dishcloths and the hook in the picture super adorable!

  3. Thanks for the pattern - I crocheted one as a gift for a friend. And I love your site and your creativity!

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  5. Thank you so much for this pattern. I haven't been crocheting for very long and I am kind of self teaching and am loving all the dishcloth patterns but this one is one of my favs, I've just made my first one and love it! I will be adding this in my group of dishcloths as part of Christmas gifts to the gals I work with! This so so very nice! Once again thank you. Patty G.


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