Saturday, June 20, 2015

Newborn Gnome Hat (Photo Prop)

sc-single crochet
fo-fasten off

4.5mm crochet hook
Bernat Dippity Dots Yarn in Teal
Buttons and thread
Scissors, needle

Rd1: Starting at the top of your hat sc x 6 in an adjustable ring (6)
Rd2-6: Sc x 6 (6)
Rd7: [Sc, inc] x 3 (9)
Rd8-9: Sc x 9 (9)
Rd10: Sc, [sc, inc] x 4 (13)
Rd11-14: Sc x 13 (13)
Rd15: Sc, [sc, inc] x 6 (19)
Rd16: Sc x 19 (19)
Rd17: Inc, [sc, inc] x 9 (29)
Rd18-22: Sc x 29 (29)
Rd23: Inc, [sc, inc] x 14 (44)
Rd24: [Sc, inc] x 22 (66)
Rd25-26: Sc x 66 (66)
Rd27: Sc, dec, [sc x 8, dec] x 6, sc, dec (58)
Rd28-30: Sc x 58 (58)
Row31: You will be starting the chin strap in this Row, sc, ch x 27 (27)
Row32: Turn, you will be making the button hole in the strap now, sc in the 5th ch from your hook, sc x 20, sc back into the first stitch, fo (22)

Decide where you would like the button for the chin strap to be placed, and sew it onto your hat. Then using your needle and thread sew on buttons in random places on your hat. Weave in your ends and trim them. 

Feel free to sell finished items that you make using my patterns. But please do not distribute my patterns without my permission. If you have any questions please feel free to email me at

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