Sunday, January 16, 2022

Heart Pattern



E crochet hook

Cotton yarn

Crochet Abbreviations 


Sc- single crochet 

Inc- increase 

Dec- decrease

Heart Pattern

Rd1- with the color of your choosing for your heart sc x 6 in a magic ring

Rnd2- Inc x 6 (12)

Rnd3: Sc x 12 (12)

Rnd4: [Sc, inc] 6 times (18)

Rnd5-6: Sc x 18, fasten off an end of Rnd6 (18)

Now you will be creating the second portion of the top of the heart.

Work the same as Rnd1-6, but don't fasten off

Rnd7: hold both portions of the heart together,  you will be crocheting around both pieces. [Sc x 4, dec] 6 times (30)

Rnd8: [Sc x 4, dec] 5 times (25)

Rnd9: Sc x 25 (25)

Rnd10: [Sc x 3, dec] 5 times (20)

Rnd11: [Sc x 3, dec] 4 times (16)

Rnd12: [Sc x 2, dec] 4 times (12)

Rnd13: [Sc x 2, dec] 3 times (9)

Rnd14: Sc x 9, stuff your heart firmly (9)

Rnd15: Dec x 4, sc [5]

Rnd16: Dec closed x 2, fasten off (2)


Weave in all your ends and trim them. Enjoy your little heart! 💕


  1. Beautiful hearts. Thanks so much for the pattern. Have a lovely Sunday!

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