Sunday, March 17, 2024

YipYip Car Hanger Pattern

6mm safety eyes
3.5mm crochet hook
Red heart super saver yarn

The Pattern 
Rnd1: 6sc in a magic ring (6)
Rnd2: inc 6 (12)
Rnd3: [sc, inc]6 times (18)
Rnd4: [2sc, inc]6 times (24)
Rnd5: sc x 24 (24)
Rnd6: Do this entire round in the back loops sc x 24 (24)
Round7-9: sc x 24 (24)
Rnd10: [sc x 4, dec] 4 times (20)
Rnd11-16: sc x 20 (20)
Row17-19: now you will be working in rows, turn, ch, sc x 11 (11)
Row20: turn, ch, dec x 4, sc, dec (6)
Row21: turn, ch, dec, sc, dec (3)
Row22: turn,ch,sc x 4 (4)
Rnd23: do not turn, sc x 30 around the entire piece. Now when you get back to the top of your YipYip pinch the top together the 4 sc from Row 22....and sc through them crocheting two together x 2. Do not fasten off now chain x 75, fasten off and sew the end of your chain onto your YipYip. 

Eyes (make2)
Rnd1: 6sc in a magic ring (6)
Rnd2: [sc, inc]3 times (9)
Rnd3-4: sc x 9 (9)
Rnd5: insert your safety eye, [sc, dec] 3 times (6)
Rnd6: dec x 3, fasten off (3)

Cut yarn and loop into onto the front loops of Round 6 of your YipYip. Sew on the eyes, and enjoy!! 


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  1. It's adorable! Your project is truly fantastic. I love it! Would you allow me to share your project translated into Polish on my blog? Of course, with a link back to your blog, please


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