Friday, April 22, 2011

Kitty Ear Tutorial

My dear bloggy friend Nikka was asking how to make kitty the ears on this hat.
So I thought why not make a tutorial! It is really easy, and works up super fast.. You can use any yarn or size hook it will just change the size of your ears. For this tutorial I used a size 4 hook and worsted weight yarn.

Kitty Ear Tutorial
  • 7sc in magic ring (I use a magic ring because you can pull the ring closed tight one you have done your single crochet and it looks neater)
  •  Then do 25 sc around
  •  (2sc in next st,sc,sc,sc,sc,2sc in next st) x 2
  • Then do 17 sc around
  • (2sc in next st,sc,sc,2sc in next st) x3
  • Then do 50 sc around
  • Fo and leave a long tail, use the tail to sew your ears to a hat...headband or on an ami!
So go on grab your hooks and get crafty!! I hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend filled family and treats! I am gonna have a full Mother in law is on her way here for the weekend right now and should arrive within a few hours!


  1. If only I could crochet :-S :-( Boo!! I still love that hat loads :-D

  2. You are awesome! I'm gonna make me some for the next Con!

  3. that's so cute, one day i'll have to try to crochet. hope you have a wonderful easter :) xxx marlene ps. i finally got my blog button to work, hope i didn't drive you crazy with it LOL

  4. LOL look so awesome with lil kitty kat ears!

  5. A learning and fun filled blog on how to make ears for your stuffed toys. Kids love such imaginative work.


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