Friday, April 22, 2011

Kitty Ear Tutorial

My dear bloggy friend Nikka was asking how to make kitty the ears on this hat.
So I thought why not make a tutorial! It is really easy, and works up super fast.. You can use any yarn or size hook it will just change the size of your ears. For this tutorial I used a size 4 hook and worsted weight yarn.

Kitty Ear Tutorial
  • 7sc in magic ring (I use a magic ring because you can pull the ring closed tight one you have done your single crochet and it looks neater)
  •  Then do 25 sc around
  •  (2sc in next st,sc,sc,sc,sc,2sc in next st) x 2
  • Then do 17 sc around
  • (2sc in next st,sc,sc,2sc in next st) x3
  • Then do 50 sc around
  • Fo and leave a long tail, use the tail to sew your ears to a hat...headband or on an ami!
So go on grab your hooks and get crafty!! I hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend filled family and treats! I am gonna have a full Mother in law is on her way here for the weekend right now and should arrive within a few hours!


  1. If only I could crochet :-S :-( Boo!! I still love that hat loads :-D

  2. You are awesome! I'm gonna make me some for the next Con!

  3. that's so cute, one day i'll have to try to crochet. hope you have a wonderful easter :) xxx marlene ps. i finally got my blog button to work, hope i didn't drive you crazy with it LOL

  4. LOL look so awesome with lil kitty kat ears!

  5. A learning and fun filled blog on how to make ears for your stuffed toys. Kids love such imaginative work.

  6. This is really cool, kids are really gonna love this, thanks for posting it.


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