Monday, January 9, 2012

Thea Pattern

Hello, well I have had some people request a pattern for a doll like Thea or as promised here is my newest free pattern! It is really simple and works up really fast....this pattern is pretty easy even for a beginnner!
Pattern Abbreviations
sc~single crochet
hdc~half double crochet
dc~double crochet
sl st~slip stitch
sk st~skip stitch
invdec~invisible decrease
fo~fasten off

First gather your supplies...worsted weight yarn, a 3.5 hook, safety eyes and fibre filling

Leg (Make 2)
(With white or your choice of color for socks)6sc in ring (6)
2sc in each st around(12)
*sc, 2sc*x6(18)
*scx2, 2sc in next st*x6(24)
*scx3,2sc in next st*x6(30)
sc around (30)

Do a picot st in front loops only all the way around *sl st,chx3,sl st* in every st around (8), fo weave in ends
Change to colur of skin then insert hook in a back loop of foot (the round where you did a picot st around)
sc around(8)
scx150, now fasten off and leave a long tail

Head & Body(worked as one piece)
6sc in ring
2sc in each st around(12) [do this round twice]
*sc,2sc in next st*x12(36)
sc around(36)
*scx2,2sc in next st*x12(48)

Now you switch to the colour you would like to use for your dress and sc around (9)
2sc in each st around(18)
*sc,2sc in next st*x9(27)
*scx2,2sc in next st*x9(36)
scx36(in back loops only) (36)
scx36(in back loops only) (36)
invdecx18(in back loops only) (18)
invdecx23, now fo off and weave in ends

Skirt Ruffles
Now insert your hook into the front loops of the previous rounds where you did the single crochets in the back loops.....pull up a loop and  sl st, chx3 and sl st all in same st. Do this around for all three rounds.

Eye Patches(Make 2)
6sc in ring(6)
*sc,2sc in next st*x9, now fasten off and leave a long tail

Arms(Make 2)
6sc in ring(6)
2sc in each st around(12)
invdec,bobble st,invdec
scx13,invdec, scx40
now switch to solour of your dress and sc around(8)
scx25, fo and leave a long tail

Ears(make 2)
6sc in ring(6)
2sc in each st(12), now fo and leave a long tail
Now that you have all your limbs you are now ready assemble! Use your tails on your limbs to sew them on the body.


  1. Very Cute! Love it, Thanks for posting.

  2. Adorable just learning but im still confused on reading g crochet but your work inspires me to keep at it :) thanks

  3. Question: When making the head, do you leave it empty or do you stuff it with yarn to give it a full figure? Just Wondering.

    1. Hello Nicole!

      Once I get to the neck I stuff it firmly as I am crocheting :)


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